Listen up, Fives. A Ten is speaking.

I am Sofía. Twenty. Graphic Design major. I love figure skating, TV and Movies, and iced tea. I tend to find something hilarious/entertaining in many situations/details/things, etcetera.

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30 Days of Figure Skating

Go Ahead, Ask Something!

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"West Side Story (1961) is set in New York City and depicts characters struggling to achieve the American Dream - a myth expressed so well in Hollywood’s characteristically exuberant film musicals. The film undermines the conventional romance plot of the classic musical to emphasize the real social problems it depicts. It shattered the utopian version of so many of the musicals that preceded it. Indeed, so startling did the opening of West Side Story seem at the time of its release that one reporter rhapsodized, ‘the neorealist musical is about to be born’.”

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The next time there’s an awkward silence, try whispering, “Did you forget your line?”

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"There’s nine of you."
“No! There’s only one of me, just like there was only one of Beth.”

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asking inanimate objects if they are joking when they don’t function properly

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Mean Girls (2004) | Parks and Recreation (2014)

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And, uh, Peter uses Google rather than Bing in this one, like an actual human being.

Indiewire, confirming what is no doubt the most important plot point of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (via miss617)

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