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I am Sofía. Twenty-one years young. Graphic Design major. I love figure skating, TV and Movies, and iced tea. I tend to find something hilarious/entertaining in many situations/details/things, etcetera.

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30 Days of Figure Skating

Go Ahead, Ask Something!

Meryl Davis and Charlie White - 2011 World Champions, 2010 Olympic and World silver medalists, two time Fout Continents Championships, three time Grand Prix Final champions and four time US National champions.

Charlie: ”The concept of being a team wasn’t something that we fully understood, until you know a few years that I’ve understood that you know maybe this person here next to me, that you know I’ve been through so much with it’s my support, it’s my help. And just getting through the day, whatever and it just takes a little but of maturity to understand something like that.”

Meryl: ”I think that we kinda used our differences and the way that we were when we were younger to our advantage and um, we’ve been able to you know, make something happen out of it.”

Charlie: ”We’re recognized as a top dance team in the US, it’s just a testament to all the hard work we put in and years of practice.” - [x]

Senior Level - Free Dances

  • 2006/2007: Polovtsian Dances [x][x][x]
  • 2007/2008: Eleanor’s Dream [x][x][x]
  • 2008/2009: Samson et Delilah [x][x][x][x]
  • 2009/2010: Phantom of the Opera [x][x][x][x]
  • 2010/2011: Tango: Forever Tango/Il Postino Soundtrack [x][x][x]
  • 2011/2012: Die Fledermaus - Overture [x][x][x][x]
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